In need of others;

…to inspire one another.
…to keep each other driven.
…to keep our fire burning.
…to push each other’s limit.
…to keep up with each other.
…to lean on each other’s side.
…to guide each other’s path.
…to lift one another’s spirit.
…to stay one with the same goal.
…to merely be present for each other.

  • Emcee: There are moments of being high and dry, when things get rough and spirits get crushed - how do you keep your flame motivation burning?
  • Janl: During my low points, I always seek to return to my greatest WHY. I go back to my purpose, my dream & the destination I want myself to be in the future. Basically, it all revolves around holding on to my dream, having that positive attitude that I am capable and of course, having that strong faith in God. Hence if I want to become a doctor someday, with all these qualities combined, I know it will be given to me.

few things I want to do alone;

  • watch a movie.
  • dine in a vintage resto.
  • explore a tourist capital.
  • see sunset & sunrise.
  • a very long joyride. 
  • try skydiving.
  • a novel over a cup of coffee. 
  • know various cultures.
  • fill in an all-year planner.
  • take random photographs.
  • travel abroad.
  • build memories.

More than blessed;

Your personality truly amazes me. You are one of the most genuine person I’ve ever met. The totality of your attitude — in terms of being sincere, man of his word, thoughtful, kind, understanding, honest, brave, goal-directed, patient & being so unconditional — really overwhelms me. There are moments that I feel like I don’t deserve you or that I will never be enough for you. But I would just think otherwise and simply be thankful that I have you in my life until present. For so long now, I realized that you have a part in me already. Your values, opinions and principles in life have also influenced and changed me, positively. Thank you for staying by my side, all this time. I could not thank God enough for giving you as one of His most wonderful blessings that I have ever received. I’m more than blessed